Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~Tres Anos~ (3 years old)!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Abby's 3rd birthday! Wow- 3 years have gone by since I received the most amazing phone call-EVER! It is amazing how fast the years have gone. I remember people telling me when she was born, but never imagined they were all right! Abby picked a Disney princess party for her theme and was excited to have friends and family there to help her celebrate. She received a Power Wheels Barbie Jeep from us and is now trying to learn how to steer this Jeep! Needless to say, even Shelby isn't too fond of riding with her right now due to a little whiplash she has had to experience. After her party on Saturday afternoon, Abby fell asleep in church while her little sister had to be taken out of church to the cry room and then out of the cry room to outside due to her sugar high she was on from the cake and ice cream. Shelby figured out when it was quiet, her voice echoed and once she figured that out...we were outta there! Caroline, Mac, and Nate came back for the festivities so after church we went to Jalisco's and Abby got to wear the sombrero while we sang to her. She loved, loved, loved all the attention on her special day! She has brought us so much joy and laughter. We cannot begin to imagine our life without her. She is so intelligent and is starting to teach her little sister words too.

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