Thursday, February 9, 2012

Melt My Heart

So today I had a morning photo shoot with 2 of the kiddos. It was for Eli's 10 month pics (1 day early because tomorrow will be CRAZY!). Shelby had to get in on a few of the pics and let me just say she loves her little brother and he loves her! I still can't believe my little guy is 10 months old. In a few short months we will be having his 1st birthday, which means the last, first birthday in our immediate family! Eli is on the move. Crawls everywhere and pulls up on things. Last night he had his first lip bang that caused more blood than I was comfortable with. Stopped pretty fast and no real damage noted! Thank goodness! I'm sure this will be the first of many for this little guy! He is an excellent eater, loves his bottle (this could be interesting in a couple of months), and loves to jibber jabber. He brings so much joy to my every day. Can't imagine our family without him.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Over The Rainbow

Today we celebrated Shelby's 3rd Birthday, Yes 3 YEARS OLD! Her birthday was actually on the 26th, but between weddings and traveling to KC for cousin Mac's birthday celebration, this is the only weekend we had to do anything. She chose to have a Wizard of Oz theme (after only seeing the movie for the first time on the day we picked the theme). She's been waiting 9 whole days for this party and I have to say I think it was a success! We made Rainbows with paper plates, played pin the heart on the Tin Man, opened presents, ate cake and ice cream, and now NAP TIME!