Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Family is Complete

Not sure who I was kidding about posting about each of our adoptions during National Adoption Month...guess myself!  Our third adoption again came at a time where we thought we weren't even going to adopt again.  We had just moved home to my hometown, were living with my parents while our house was built next door, and we were raising our two little girls!  I received a call from A grandmother telling me she was expecting again.  Shelby was just about to turn 2.  She was again considering placing her unborn baby for adoption, as the birthfather already had 2 children, she was unemployed, and knew she wanted more for her baby.  In the back of my mind I knew this was another of God's signs that we were to adopt one more time.  We already had a meeting set up with all birthparents within the month.  We went to this get together, let everyone see the girls, play, talk.  We had a great visit.  A was very open about her plans and just let us know she hadn't found "the" couple.  When we left that day I told AZ we should offer to adopt.  He said we needed to pray about it and if she wanted us to adopt it she would call.  Little did I know A's grandma had asked my mom during the visit if she thought we would be open to adopting again!  A couple days later A called me.  She talked about how great it was to see us and see how happy Shelby and Abby are with us.  She explained that she wanted that for her unborn child and wanted to know if we would adopt her baby BOY!!!!  Of course we prayed about it and got several signs I believe from God telling us to go ahead!  So we called our Attorney and started the paperwork process yet once again.  On April 10th I received the call that A was in labor and for us to come.  We again got there quickly, thinking she would go much faster with her second one.  She labored throughout the day, but was unable to progress so at 7pm, a C-section was ordered and within minutes Eli came into the world.  Although I wasn't in the operating room, I was taken to the nursery as he was wheeled in for the usual assessments and was the first to hold him.  Another great experience and wonderful gift from one of the most unselfish ladies I know.  We were dismissed home the next day after papers were signed.  The adoption was complete after 30 days. Our family is complete!  Fun, busy, busy, and fun!  We wouldn't want it any other way!