Monday, July 13, 2009

Another weekend gone!

On Saturday the girls and I headed north to Plainville for the day. AZ was finishing up work in the basement, so we figured we'd go see Grandma Kath for the afternoon. She decided to make her Fried Chicken dinner (yum! yum!) for dinner that night. Abby was able to play with Trevyn and Nadalyn while Shelby watched them! It was so fun to listen to them play and laugh! Abby ended up staying the night with Grandma and Grandpa. She had fun sleeping between them, I'm sure kicking them every now and then! On Sunday Grandma Kath took her swimming at Steve and Tracy's with Shanna, Jenna, Trevyn and Nadalyn! She didn't stop talking about it when she came home that evening. It sounds like she had a great time!

Abby and Nadalyn stopping for a pic!

Abby looooooves her lipstick!

She even got Grandpa wearing it!

Kisses for Grandma!

Little Miss Shelby!

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