Monday, October 17, 2011


Well we have decided on costumes. The girls were very indecisive this year so I finally laid down the law and said if I bought their costumes, they couldn't change their minds! It worked-both are very happy/excited with their choices. Abby will be dressing as "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast (her other choices over the past several weeks:Rapunzel, Butterfly, Cheeerleader, Pocohantes). Boy am I happy she made that final decision, although we are already picking what she wants to be next year! Shelby will be dressing as Snow White. She has a crown and her "princess" shoers she is so excited to wear (Her other choices: Tinkerbell-Maybe next year!). Eli will be dressing as a turtle! Found a cute costume from Toys R Us-can't wait to try it on him! Here are what the costumes look like-I'm sure we'll have to have a pre halloween dressing with pics soon!

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  1. SO cute! Addaline is going to be Rapunzel, and I can't wait. Little girls in princess costumes are just too sweet!