Sunday, October 17, 2010


So catching up on my blog stalking made me realize that I am quite the slacker! July since my last post-WOW! Well I'm starting over, TODAY! I guess the big news at the Molina house is that we are officially homeless! We decided we would put our house on the market and believe it or not it sold within 3 weeks. A lot faster than we were expecting! So now we are packing up our house, selling some things, putting the rest in storage, and moving to Plainville to live with my parents until we either build a house or buy something a little bigger to hold all the girls' toys! I am sooo thankful to my parents for opening their house to us, but also nervous about moving back. It is sure to be interesting! The girls are of course sooo excited and Abby tells everyone we are builing a "sparkly" house next to Grandma and Grandpa Ramsay. So, onto the next adventure in this exciting thing we call LIFE!

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