Monday, June 22, 2009

Rewind to the weekend...

Well on Friday after I got home from work, Abby and I took off to the Hays Aquatic Park for a little one on one time together. She absolutely loves the water. I can't wait to take her back! She wanted to go down the big slides, but I was a little leary...maybe next time when dad can go with us! On Saturday we prepared for Shelby's baptism. It was rainy all day, but Abby and I trekked out to Wal-mart and Dillons to get last minute food items for dinner. After church on Saturday night Shelby was baptised in the Catholic church. It was very special! Father Daryl actually submerses the babies in the baptismal fountain after their garments are removed. Abby tried to get in the "swimming pool" only once! After the baptism, we headed back to our house for some great Stromboli and lots of other food! On Sunday we dedicated Shelby in the Nazarene church. It too was a very special day. When we were standing up at the alter, Abby grabbed Shelby's hand and kissed it. Very sweet! Both of our faiths are important to us and we want the girls growing up knowing both of them! Here are some pics from the baptism:

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  1. Sounds like a very fun weekend! Love the family pic!!!