Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow, I can't believe it is the middle of June already! We made it through our first garage sale and I must say it was pretty successful. Everything we didn't sell went to the Goodwill or the Mary Elizabeth Home. Now AZ can start on renovating the basement and makeing a playroom for the girls (at least it won't be like my first playroom where we had to wear our coats to play in it...sorry mom, had to bring that one up!) Me and the girls are headed to KC for aunt Mary's wedding this weekend while AZ is headed to Pittsburgh, PA for a wedding. Thank goodness my mom and dad will be traveling to KC too. Don't think I'd do well traveling with both girls by myself. Shelby is rolling over now! I thought she rolled over for the first time tonight, but when I told AZ he said, "I know" like she's been doing it for awhile. He said she rolled over yesterday, but failed to tell me...MEN! Oh well Abby and I were excited for her tonight when we saw her do it. Abby continues to amaze us with her knowledge and language skills. As I headed to work out tonight she said, "I'm so proud of you"! Know if that's not motivation! At dinner tonight she started saying, "Que pasa" (what's happening?) and leche (milk). She brings many smiles to my face!

Here's Abby wearing her phone "like daddy does"!


Such a big girl!

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